About Us


Humans always had an insatiable desire to fly. As our race has grown, technology has helped us to soar to unimaginable heights. We are now seeing unprecedented developments in the field of aviation and personal flying machines

At Aerodyne our ethos is to produce high-quality, affordable flying vehicles, which are safe and secure to use, and accessible to all. Giving more people the experience of flying safely and efficiently.

We are the producers and innovators of some of the most amazing aircraft;

such as Avectra Gyroplane, Avayu Helicopter, Avyay Flying Vehicles, and Catalina Seaplanes.

Over the last fifteen years, Aerodyne has sold more than 1,700 aircraft into twenty-two countries, throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia

We believe that the future of flying should be safer, greener and more efficient. As a result, we continue to make advances to our proprietary technology and gyroplane platform which will see us launch new and exciting aviation products over the coming years. This allows Aerodyne to make the next generation of aircraft available to everyone, everywhere.

As we disrupt markets and make flying vehicles a reality to all.

Our business is our passion.


Aviation is our business, our passion, our life.

Scores of years of cumulative experience, stringent quality controls, European construction and management, In-house design and development, hand-made to Formula 1 standards in serial production, team of highly qualified professionals and engineers - all these makes us unique.


  • The fundamental ethos behind Aerodyne Aerospace - produce high-quality, low-cost, flying vehicles.
  • Gyroplanes - more flexible than aeroplanes, less expensive than helicopters.
  • Hybrid Helicopter with greatly enhanced safety, energy-saving, and ergonomics
  • An autonomous flying vehicle that requires no pilot license. Enabling travel quickly, easily, and safely with true Vertical Take-Off and Landing [VTOL]