Aeolus UAS


Giving high specification UAS technology at a fraction of the cost. Disrupting the UAV and UAS markets Aerodyne has created the next level of UAVs. Aeolus can fly at an altitude as low as 20ft and on a high altitude of upto 18,000 ft, thus making it a unique aircraft. Complete with a command centre and two UAVs, this is a complete solution for military, law enforcement, drug enforcement, coastal management, immigration and so much more. The aircraft have been fitted with both high-resolution cameras, infra-red and other equipment, all essential for today’s modern military and governments.

The aircraft can be fitted with any additional systems as needed by the end-user. The fully self-sufficient UAVs have take-off readiness within 15 minutes. The aircraft can be deployed to front lines within minutes and controlled from anywhere in the world.

The UAS is set with both mobile telephone network readiness as well as dedicated satellite systems, giving full global reach. As part of the system, Aerodyne has developed a tactical vest and VR control, so front line troops can have an aerial backup in minutes, controlled by them targeting with precision and accuracy, far superior to any existing technology on the market today. Aeolus UAS is a true game-changer in the market.